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50th Anniversary Convention Medal

50th Anniversary Convention Medal

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CSNS Website Advertising Rates and Procedures

Paid Advertising

300 by 300 px ads can be purchased on a quarterly or annual basis.

Quarterly - since the highest volume of visitors is from January thru May, 1st and 2nd quarter 300 by 300 px ads are $100 per quarter and 3rd and 4th quarter are $75 each quarter.

Annual - Annual ads are $300 yearly for a 30 by 300 px ad.

All must be paid for in advance.

Dealer inline graphic ads on the dealer page in the listing setion are $50 annually with a table purchase.

Graphics should be created by the advertiser. Graphics work done by the Webmaster are at a $25 an hour with a minimum charge of 2 hours.

Questions and submissions should be sent to Webmaster CSNS.

Free Ads

Individuals and dealers/companies who donate a minimum of $500 in cash or merchandise are eligible for a free 300 by 300 px advertisement. These will be placed at the discretion of the Webmaster on the Convention Page (www.centralstates.info/conv.html), the Convention Schedule Page (www.centralstates.info/sched.html) or on the Dealer Page (www.centralstates.info/dealers.html). Placement is on a first come first served basis and is at the discretion of the Webmaster. Dealers who make the $500 donation are additionally eligible for an inline graphic ad, in the alpha listing of dealers, on the Dealer Page. This ad must be 300 by 50 px.

All ads must be "web ready" and submitted as a jpg, gif image or png image. All ads can be linked to any page that the advertiser wishes. This link will only be added if a link is submitted with the image. A link may be added later at the discretion of the Webmaster if submitted by the dealer/company/individual by email to Webmaster CSNS. It is the responsibility of the dealer/company/individual to submit all art work and relevant links to the Webmaster. (Webmaster CSNS) Individuals donating $1500 or more will be given an ad on the CSNS home page in addition to previously mentioned ads.

All advertisement should be related to numisamtics or be of interest to numismatists. Acceptance of ads is at the sole discretion of the Webmaster.

Questions and submissions should be sent to Webmaster CSNS.


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