1899 Morgan Dollar Obverse, Images courtesy of Heritage Numismatic Auctions      1899 Morgan Dollar Reverse, Images courtesy of Heritage Numismatic Auctions

Images courtesy of Heritage Numismatic Auctions

Book Grant Application Process

Applications for grants in 2016 will be accepted on and after July 1, 2015 - deadline to submit grant applications is August 31, 2015. Send applications to Ray Lockwood at the address below or contact via email for further information sunrayofmarion@aol.com.

To apply please supply answers to the six-part application below for a CSNS Author's Grant. Applications will be accepted beginning July 1 each year.

  1. Explain in writing the purpose and scope of your research/writing.project.
  2. Supply a time line for completion of your research/writing project
  3. Give details of your publication plans.
  4. Give the amount of funding you are requesting. (not to exceed $5,000)
  5. Promise in writing that you will acknowledge Central States in your finished publication including the CSNS logo.
  6. Promise in writing that you will finish your research/writing in a timely manner and make your publication available to the ANA and ANS for serious scholars.

Application should be sent to Ray Lockwood, Education Director at 2075 E. Bocock Rd., Marion, IN, 46952 or sunrayofmarion@aol.com for additional information and/or to apply for a grant.

Fourth-year Book Grants

CSNS to award $20,000 to Authors

Winners of 2015 grants are Donald Dool, Peter Huntoon, Steve Tomkins, Harry Waterson, David Schenkman & TEC (The Elongated Collectors).

3rd Year Grant Winners

  • Ron Abler - "Centennial Medals of 1876"
  • Scott Blickensderfer - "Indiana Civil War Store Cards Catalogue"
  • Roger Burdette - "Journal of Numismatic Research" Articles
  • Paul Cunningham - "Abraham Lincoln's Metallic Legacy"
  • Ray & Steve Feller - "Civilian Camp Monies of WW II Catalogue"
  • Mark Ferguson - "The Dollar of 1804 - The U.S. Mint's Hidden Secret"
  • Peter Huntoon - "Dated Back National Banknotes"
  • TAMS - Q.David Bowers - U.S. Shell Cards - 1864-1880"

Second-year Book Grants

CSNS awarded $20,000 to Authors

Six authors writing about a variety of subjects, ranging from square coins to Protestant Reformation medals, have been awarded Central States Numismatic Society publication grants for 2012..

Second year grants include:

Michael Van Den Heuval of Fredericksberg, Denmark: $275 to complete and publish a book about square coins of the world: 1900-2008.

Dr. Lawrence Lee of Lincoln, NE: $3,800 for research leading to an expanded article on coins found at Fort Atkinson.

Wendell Wolka of Bargersville, IN: $5,000 to photograph medals to be included in a 500 - 600 page catalogue of numismatic items related to the Protestant Reformation.

Prue Morgan Fitts of Wolfeboro, NH: $4,000 for partial funding of a self-published book titled A Beginner's Guide For Identifying Byzantine Coins.

Jesca Scaevola of Columbia, MO: $5,000 for original research in India on rare coins known as “Kusana” bronze coins. Her objective is to publish her findings as a masters dissertation and an eventual book on the subject.

Kathy Freeland: $1,925 Grant Awarded for her book on Red Cross Numismatics during WWII.

Applications for grants in 2015 will be accepted on and after July 1, 2014 - deadline to submit grant applications is August 31, 2014. Send applications to Ray Lockwood at the address above or contact for further information sunrayofmarion@aol.com.