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BY-LAWS (Rev. September 12, 2015)

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Section 2

The governing board shall be generally responsible for the conduct of the affairs of the society and shall have such other duties and powers as herein provided. Nine voting members shall constitute a quorum for a board meeting; 10 members shall constitute a quorum for a general membership meeting.

Section 3

The officers shall serve without compensation save as otherwise provided herein. They shall have the following usual duties:

PRESIDENT: The president shall have general supervision over all the affairs of the society. His duties shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

  1. To preside at all meetings of the society;
  2. To call meetings of the governing board and general membership and preside at them;
  3. To appoint all committee chairmen that may be necessary to achieve the objectives of the society, and to remove them at will;
  4. To serve as spokesman for the society in all dealings with outside individuals, groups or media.

VICE PRESIDENT: The duties of the Vice President shall be:

  1. To assist the president, at his request, in the discharge of his duties;
  2. To act in the place of the president, in the event of the latter's absence or disability;
  3. To succeed to the society's presidency in the event of the death or resignation of the incumbent.

SECRETARY: The duties of the secretary shall be:

  1. To keep a true record of the transactions of the society and to preserve all documents pertaining to his office;
  2. To act as secretary to the governing board and to keep a true record of its proceedings;
  3. To handle all correspondence relating to society matters;
  4. To maintain the membership roster, mail dues notices, collect dues and turn them over to the treasurer.
  5. To oversee the election process as described elsewhere in these bylaws.

TREASURER: The duties of the treasurer shall be:

  1. To receive all funds, regardless of their source, due the society;
  2. To pay out monies in accordance with governing board action or vote of the society's membership;
  3. To invest society funds consistent with governing board direction;
  4. To prepare both an accounting for all monies received and disbursed during each fiscal year and a full and final report of all matters pertaining to his office for the like period. These shall be furnished to the president and treasury oversight committee for sharing with the membership of the society.

IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT: The duties of the immediate past president shall be:

  1. To serve upon such committees as he shall be appointed to by the incumbent president;
  2. To cast votes upon the several matters presented to the board for action.

GOVERNORS: The duties of a governor shall be:

  1. To serve upon such committees as he shall be appointed to by the incumbent president;
  2. To cast votes upon the several matters presented to the board for action.

Section 4

No debts shall be contracted in the name of the society and no funds of the society shall be expended without the approval of a majority of the governing board except that the secretary, the treasurer and the editor may pay and be reimbursed for the normal expenses incidental to their respective offices, and each committee chairman may pay and be reimbursed for up to $50.00 of the normal expenses incidental to his committee in any society year, in each case without approval. Such expenses shall be respectively accounted for in the reports of the treasurer, editor, and each such chairman at the end of each society year. In addition to such reimbursement for expenses, the secretary, the treasurer and the editor shall be paid such compensation as may be approved by the governing board.

Any capital expenditure of $1,000 or more must be approved by the governing board.

Section 5

The secretary in 1983 and each odd numbered year thereafter, in the Summer issue of The Centinel published prior to October 1st, shall issue a call for nominations of elected officers and governors. All nominations shall be made in writing to the secretary during July of said year and the election shall be held during the current year. Nominations may be made only by regular, club, associate or life members in good standing at the time of submitting nominations. All nominations must be received by the Secretary no later than July 31. A member may nominate himself/herself. All candidates must be members in good standing.

The Secretary shall promptly write each nominee notifying him or her of such nomination and requesting his or her written acceptance or refusal thereof. A nominee's acceptance must be received by the Secretary on or before August 15th of said year.

No nominee may accept a nomination for more than one elective office in any election . The legal counsel and the editor may not be candidates for governor.

Section 6

The secretary shall cause a list of nominations accepted by the nominees to be published in the Fall issue of The Centinel. The secretary shall request from each candidate and publish in the Fall issue of The Centinel a biography, not exceeding 350 words in length, of each nominee who has so accepted a nomination, which biography may include a record of his or her services to the society and to numismatics in general. Such biographical statements must be received by the Secretary no later than August 15 in order to be included in the Fall issue of The Centinel.

Section 7

The secretary shall cause the names of all such nominees who have so accepted to be printed, in the order of receipt of their acceptances, on official ballots and shall cause one of such ballots to be mailed no later than November 30 to each member in good standing, together with an envelope marked "Official Ballot" and addressed to an accounting firm selected by the secretary. Each envelope and ballot shall bear a different number, but the number selected shall be within the sole discretion of the secretary. Only regular, associate, life and club members shall insert their ballots in said numbered envelope and seal and mail the same. Only one ballot is allowed per envelope. Insertion of multiple ballots in the same envelope shall disqualify all ballots so inserted. A ballot must be received by the accounting firm on or before December 31 in order to be counted by said accounting firm. Such accounting firm shall tabulate only those ballots that are included in envelopes bearing numbers corresponding to those selected by the secretary. In instances where more than one envelope bears the same number, such accounting firm shall endeavor, by an inspection of the envelopes and ballots therein, or by other means, to determine which ballots are falsified.

Such accounting firm shall cause all ballots, all envelopes and a report of the votes cast for each candidate to be delivered to the secretary promptly following the tabulation and on or before January 31.

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