75th Anniversary Convention Medal

Education Director Column

Fall - 2015

Four years ago the Central States Board of Governors approved what is now known as the Authors Grant Program. The CSNS Education Committee spent almost one year fine-tuning the program before presenting it to the Board. Here's how it works….

Prospective authors of numismatic literature have a two-month window of opportunity to apply for an Authors Grant: July 1 to Aug. 31. Applicants must complete a six-question application and email same to the CSNS education director. The Education Committee reviews the applications and approves or denies four to six applications.

The first-year of the program: 2011 - 2012, $20,000 was allocated by the Board to fund five applications. Three applicants received $5,000 grants and two others received $4,000 and $1,000. In the second program year, 2012-2013, $20,000 was awarded to six applicants with grants ranging from $275 to $5,000. In the program's third year, 2013- 2014, the CSNS Board expressed favor for the program and authorized a budget of $40,000. Eight applicants were chosen to receive $5,000 each. In the grant year of 2014-2015, $20,000 was awarded to six applicants with each receiving $3,333.33. Applications for year five of the program were received from July 1 to August 31, 2015 with awards to be approved at the September Board meeting.

To date, 21 authors have received grants up to $5,000, the maximum grant approval limit. Fifteen of these authors have produced books while the others are in various stages of research and publication. The grants do not carry mandatory completion dates. In fact, the grants may be utilized for research alone. The books that have been published to date and their authors include:

  • Ron Abler - A Centennial Cabinet: Exonumia of the 1876 U.S. Centennial
  • Jon Amato - The Draped Bust Half Dollars of 1796 & 1797
  • Roger Burdette - Various numismatic articles in the Journal of Numismatic Research
  • Paul Cunningham - Abraham Lincoln's Metallic Legacy
  • Mark Ferguson - The Dollar of 1804 - The U.S. Mint's Hidden Secret
  • Prue Fitts - The Beginners' Guide to Identifying Byzantine Coins
  • Kathy Freeland - American Red Cross in WW II (exonumia catalogue)
  • Peter Huntoon - Numismatic articles on U.S. Date Back national bank notes
  • Larry Lee - The Coins of Fort Atkinson: A Study in Numismatic Archeology
  • Fred Reed - Civil War Stamp Envelopes - The Issuers and Their Times
  • Neil Shafer - A Catalog of Panic Scrip of 1893, 1907 & 1914
  • TAMS/Q. David Bowers - U.S. Shell Cards: 1867 - 1880
  • Steve Tompkins - U.S. Half Dollar Series - 1794 to 1836 (update of four volume set)
  • Michael VanDen Heuvel - Square Coins of the World - 1900 - 2008
  • David Schenkman - Virginia Tokens update
  • Harry Waterson - The Medal of the Month Club
  • Books and research projects and authors yet to finish are:
  • Donald Dool - (2 books) Numismatica San Martinia and Photoessay of San Martin Monuments
  • Ray & Steve Feller - Civilian Camp Monies of W.W. II
  • Peter Huntoon - Science behind the presentation of national bank note titles
  • Jesca Scaevola - The Kusana Coin Horde
  • Harry Waterson - Julio Kilenyi - His Life, Times & Works: 1885-1959

Awarding monies to numismatic authors benefits everyone in our great hobby. There never can be enough numismatic literature. Of course with the advent of wi-fi and schools no longer teaching basic writing skills, the number of new numismatic books will become fewer and farther between.

Central States prides itself on its many education programs and the collectors, clubs and dealers that benefit from our efforts.

Ray Lockwood
Education Director