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Education Director Quarterly Report

Ray Lockwood

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Education Director Column

Fall - 2016

How about five free DVDs on numismatic topics? FREE, did I say FREE? Indeed I did. If your club is a member of Central States, it can get FIVE FREE DVDs annually.

These DVDs are produced by David Lisot and are listed online at the Central States web site: www.centralstates.info. David travels to all the BIG and important coin shows in the U.S. to videotape the education programs.

This means, for example, that your club can view top-notch presentations by some of the best-known experts in our hobby. These men and women give talks at such shows as FUN, ANA, Central States, Baltimore, Early American Coppers, & SPMC. Most of us can't travel to ALL the major shows, so, through the eyes of Mr. Lisot, we can enjoy talks on a wide range of topics.

Here are some examples from the DVD list found online in the CSNS web site and the CSNS clubs that ordered them. Note the variety of topics and well-known presenters.

Louisville and Kentucky State Numismatic Association ordered: "Standing Liberty Quarters" by J.H. Cline, "Collecting the Morgan Silver Dollar" by Robert Luna, "Indian $2.50 Gold Coin Series" by Bart Bartanowica, "Odd Denomination U.S. Coinage" by Lane Brunner and "Collecting Mercury Dimes" by David Lange.

The Logansport (Indiana) Coin Club received: "Rare U.S. Half Dollars" by David Lange, "U.S. Mint's Original Coinage Denominations" by Robert Hoge, "American Coin Classics - The 1804 Dollar and 1913 Nickel" by Andrew Dickes, "Thieves Love Coins" by Lee Taylor and "The New Orleans Branch Mint" by Greg Lambousy

The Will County Coin Club in Illinois ordered: "Use of Video in Coin Collecting" by William Rodriquez, "Early American Coppers" by Charles "Chuck" Heck, "How Not to Lose Your Hard Earned Money When Collecting & Investing" by Anthony Swiatek, "Cherrypicking the Lincoln Cent" by Dr. Sol Taylor, and "Full Steps, Split Bands, Full Heads and Bell Lines on Coins" by Bill Fivaz

The Central Illinois Numismatic Association is enjoying: "Civil War Tokens" by Norm Bowers, "History of Collecting Confederate Paper Money" by Pierre Fricke, "Grading Buffalo Nickels" by Bill Fivav, "Respectable Coin Photography" by John Baumgart and "Coin Show Safety" by Doug Davis

The Cedar Rapids (Iowa) Coin Club ordered: "Transportation Tokens From the U.S. & Canada" by Gary Parent, "The New Orleans Branch Mint" by Gary Lambousy, "Civil War Era Banks and Banknotes in the Northern States" by Wendell Wolka, "Philippine Paper Money" by Neil Shafer and "History of the Red Book" by Dennis Tucker and Ken Bressett.

The Burlington (Iowa) Coin Club now has: "U.S. Coinage for the Philippines" by David Lange, "Collecting U.S. Type Coins" by Frank Van Valen, "History Behind the Trade Dollar" by Andrew Caletti, "Money of the Civil War" by Douglas Mudd and "Evolution of Military Currency" by Bill Myers.

To date, 63 member clubs have received well over 400 DVDs at absolutely no cost, compliments of Central States. Clubs use the DVDs for club meetings and many loan the DVDs to members for private showings. This is one of the benefits of being a Central States member club. If your club isn't taking advantage of the program, your members are being deprived of some first-rate numismatic education.

Quality numismatic education doesn't need to be expensive. The CSNS DVD program is a prime example of this fact. As someone in the entertainment business once observed, "Here's looking at you." Take a look at the available DVDs and have your club order their FIVE FREE ones soon.

Ray Lockwood
Education Director


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