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Education Director Column

Spring - 2016

Numismatic education - that's what we do! The bylaws of our Central States Numismatic Society make it very clear that the prime objective of CSNS is numismatic education.

A close look at what we do to meet this objective can be numbered in a variety of ways. First, here is a list of the major education programs we sponsor and carry out:

Free DVDs for each of our member clubs. Any of our 126 local member clubs can ask for and receive five numismatic DVDs per year. These DVDs are produced by David Lisot and cover a wide range of topics and feature presentations by many well-known speakers in our hobby. Our clubs can donate numismatic books and/or publications to local libraries including public and schools. Central States reimburses clubs on a $5.00 for $6.00 basis up to $500 per year. Our member clubs who are in need of speakers for their meetings can receive up to $200 per year for speaker expenses. Authors in need of funding for research and/or publication can apply annually for up to $5,000 in grants.

Central States sponsors an every-other-year breakfast for club representatives who are encouraged to share what is going in their club. CSNS conducts an annual Boy Scout coin collecting merit badge clinic at our convention. Also featured at convention time is the world-class exhibit area. Educational exhibits and exhibitors play a major role in numismatic education. Educational seminars have been held during our annual conventions for the past five years and have centered on the Civil War and the city of Chicago

Finally, Central States has conducted twice-per year seminars around our 13-state region since 2006. Here is a listing of the locations and speakers for the past 11 years:

  • 2006 – Okoboji, IA: Peter Huntoon, Wendell Wolka and Mark Hotz
  • 2007 – Indianapolis, IN: Anthony Swiatek, Cliff Mishler, Bob Julian and Wendell Wolka
  • 2008 – St. Louis, MO: Eric Newman, Ron Horstman, David Grant, Peter Huntoon, Wendell Wolka and Bob Cochran
  • 2008 – Sharonville, OH: Bill Fivaz, John Kraljevich, Peter Huntoon and Brad Karoleff
  • 2009 – Cincinnati, OH: Bob Evans
  • 2009 – Omaha, NB: Rick Snow, Chuck Daughtrey, Jim Mckee, and Cliff Mishler
  • 2010 – Branson, MO: Norm Bowers, Dennis Haskett and Wendell Wolka
  • 2010 – Milwaukee, WI: Bob Evans
  • 2010 – Hutchinson, KS: Bob Campbell, Cliff Mishler and Wendell Wolka
  • 2011 – Ft. Wayne, IN: Fred Reed, Chuck Daughtrey, Cindy Vanhorn and Wendell Wolka
  • 2011 – Lenexa, KS: Peter Huntoon, Bob Campbell and Greg Dubay
  • 2012 – Westerville, OH: Bob Fritsch, Cindy Wibker, Norm Bowers and Dennis Haskett
  • 2012 – Flint, MI: Prue Fitts, Bob Campbell, Rick Snow and Peter Huntoon
  • 2013 – St. Louis, MO: Eric Newman, Ken Bressett, Cliff Mishler, Steve Roach and David Frank
  • 2013 – Wichita, KS: Jay Cline, Walt Ostromecki, Rick Snow and Peter Huntoon
  • 2014 – Troy, MI: Michael Fey, Susan Maltby, Bill Fivaz and Dave Frank
  • 2014 – Hillside, IL: Bill Fivaz, Peter Huntoon, Cindy Wibker and Norm Bowers
  • 2015 – Milwaukee, WI: Bill Brandimore, Peter Huntoon, Neil Shafer and Wendell Wolka
  • 2015 – Rosemont, IL: Larry Lee, Peter Huntoon and Steve Feller
  • 2016 - Toledo, OH: Carol Bastable, Larry Falater, Brad Karoleff and Peter Huntoon
  • 2016 – Fall: Sioux City, IA: Speakers Yet To Be Announced
  • 2017 – Spring: Windsor, ON: Speakers Yet To Be Announced

As one can clearly see, Central States gives maximum effort to meet its numismatic mandate: providing numismatic education for its members and the general public. So, the next time you learn about a Central States numismatic education event, make an effort to attend. You will be richer for the experience!!

Ray Lockwood
Education Director


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