75th Anniversary Convention Medal

Education Director Column

Winter - 2015-16

Had an interesting conversation with a well-know numismatist and former presenter at one of our semi-annual seminars. He paid Central States a very nice compliment when he stated, “Your organization does more for numismatic education than any other in the U.S.” He did mention the ANA Summer Seminar as a big PLUS for educational effort and I happen to know that he is a long-time instructor at the Colorado Springs Summer Seminars. While we don’t have a program that competes with the ANA Summer Seminar, our twice-yearly seminars are one of our efforts to educate attendees about a wide range of topics.

Take our most recent seminar in Rosemont for example. Where else can you spend a day being exposed to four of the top speakers, researchers and writers in the Nation? Steve Feller, Larry Lee, Mark Hotz and Peter Huntoon enlightened our attendees on such fascinating subjects such as Iowa money, Clark & Gruber gold bank notes, John Dillinger and Col. Green. Details of this seminar will be found in Editor Gerald Tebben’s article on page 50.

We began conducting numismatic seminars in 2006 and have been at it ever since. Local clubs contact me with either a theme or specific speakers they want to hear from. My job is to line up the speakers and make all arrangements for the seminar location, logistics and publicity. Quite frankly, I really enjoy setting up the seminars and then attending them. Other than introducing each speaker, I have the privilege of sitting through all four presentations. Wow, have I learned a lot over the past nine years.

That’s not all! We pride ourselves on keeping the cost of our seminars as low as possible. We aren’t really interested in the seminars being moneymakers. We charge a $20 registration fee for CSNS members and $30 for non-members. For those small fees, attendees receive four excellent, high-powered, high interest level presentations, a continental breakfast and a light lunch. Such a deal!

We challenge all numismatic organizations to organize and sponsor at least one educational seminar during 2016. What a great contribution it would be to our hobby if local, state and regional clubs would make the effort to provide numismatic seminars like ours. This would be the supreme compliment like my friend who said that Central States really works at numismatic education. We give more than lip service to such education. We deliver on the purpose of our organization as stated in our Constitution; namely, “to advance the knowledge of numismatics along educational, historical and scientific lines.” This purpose was written 77 years ago and is still as meaningful today as then. It makes me proud to be a Central States member who knows that our organization is advancing our hobby in a variety of educational ways. I hope each and every member who reads my words feels the same pride!

Ray Lockwood
Education Director