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Education Director Quarterly Report

Ray Lockwood

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Education Director Column

Summer - 2016

Just returned from another CSNS Numismatic Seminar. This one was held in Perrysburg, Ohio, and cohosted by the Glass Center Coin Club of Toledo. Editor Tebben was in attendance and will fill us in with his usual thoroughness. I am going to reflect on this seminar with some very personal observations.

First, the folks who attend our seminars really want to be there! They give up an entire Saturday to hear four great speakers cover a wide variety of topics. They were not all locals from Toledo, by any means. Twelve of the attendees were from Ohio and 12 hailed from Michigan. Four were Hoosiers and two others who were speakers came from far-off Nevada and Florida.

Second, the mix of attendees makes for many opportunities to share ideas and experiences about our great hobby and life in general. Eating together at the seminar breakfast and lunch witnesses story telling and exchanges of what each other collects. Some participants bring favorite and interesting coins, banknotes and medals to share with anyone in attendance.

Third, the four speakers share the personal side of our hobby. Stories of love tokens, national bank notes, colonial Spanish cobs and unique historical events filled the seminar. Our speakers were energetic and enthusiastic about their talks. Each had a well-done PowerPoint presentation which enhanced their topics.

Fourth, the generosity of the participants never ceases to amaze. Fred Schwan gave two books about paper money, a book about Confederate bonds and a comprehensive booklet on MPCs for all to take home. Many participants were willing to conduct impromptu "show and tell" sessions between speaker presentations and after the seminar.

Fifth, many attendees stayed long after the last speaker was finished to exchange information about collections and how to collect. Some participants engaged in trading, buying and selling after the seminar concluded.

The speakers encouraged and received many excellent follow-up questions. Everyone learned from the answers given by our knowledgeable speakers. One speaker encouraged questions during his talk.

Everyone of the 30 attendees left with a satisfying sense of having participated in an enjoyable and educational time. Time well spent.

When you realize that this seminar all those yet to come only cost participants $20, if they are CSNS members or $30 if they are not, this has to be one of the best bargains in our hobby ever!

If you have never attended a Central States Numismatic Seminar, please try to attend one of those coming up. The next seminar will be Oct. 7 in Sioux City, Iowa.

Speakers and topics include: Bob Campbell on Natural Toning vs. Artificial Toning and All You Ever Wanted to Know About Morgan Dollars, Peter Huntoon's PowerPoint presentation about Iowa national bank notes and Jim Erhardt's talk about Iowa obsolete bank notes. This Iowa-based seminar will take place just prior to the Iowa Numismatic Association's Annual Show in the Sioux City Convention Center.

Next spring, our seminar will be hosted by the Windsor Coin Club in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Gov. Brett Irick will be teaming up with Education Director Ray Lockwood to obtain speakers guaranteed to bring numismatic knowledge to our very first international seminar. A state club has made overtures for a seminar in the fall of next year.

Our semi-annual seminars are well worth your time and effort to attend. Just ask anyone who has been there and done that!!

Ray Lockwood
Education Director


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