75th Anniversary Convention Medal

Education Director Column

Winter - 2015

Let's consider numismatic education on the local club level and how Central States can be of help…. I belong to and actively support three clubs in my area. These clubs are well attended, conduct annual shows and dinners and always have lively auctions. What my clubs often lack are education programs at each meeting. Two clubs have a speaker/member who gives short presentations on a variety of interesting topics. One of the clubs I attend tries to have an educational program at every meeting and, I will readily admit, the program is often one that I present.

From time to time, I hear about interesting educational programs being presented at area clubs. One nearby club has a monthly program with speakers who cover a variety of interesting topics. Another club of my acquaintance likes to show DVDs and other numismatic audio-visual works. I have to conclude that the opportunities for numismatic education programs are limitless but depend on member interest, club leadership and direction.

This brings us to the subject of my column: What numismatic educational opportunities can Central States provide to its local club members?

First, clubs can choose and receive five numismatic DVDs per year absolutely free of charge. Simply go to the Central States website (www.centralstates.info), click on Education and the DVD button to see the list of hundreds of DVD titles. Then, send your club's request to me via email: (sunrayofmarion@aol.com). These five DVDs are available to clubs on an annual basis. Some clubs have requested and received 35 DVDs since the program began in 2007. Clubs can utilize the DVDs for programs at meetings and/or allow members to check them out for home use.

Second, if your club is looking for a speaker, simply contact me for a list of speakers in your vicinity. Or, you may already have a speaker in mind and are ready to issue an invitation for him or her to make a presentation. Central States will reimburse your club up to $200 per year for speaker expenses, such, as fees, travel, lodging or meal costs. Some clubs reserve this option for a special event such as an anniversary dinner or other big social gathering. I have given several talks to clubs in my vicinity and receive meals and mileage from Central States. Some of my fellow officers and governors are also willing and able to give talks.

Third, all CSNS clubs are invited and encouraged to donate numismatic books to public and/or school libraries. For every dollar your club spends on such books, Central States will reimburse 5/6ths of the expense. For example, a $600 book expenditure will be reimbursed $500, thereby making your club's cost only $100. This is truly a "win-win" educational program whereby the public who use libraries will be able read numismatic literature for free. Your club will get credit for the donations and lots of free publicity and good will. Like the other programs mentioned so far, the library book donation program may be repeated on an annual basis.

In conclusion and at the risk of repeating myself, numismatic education depends on the ability and willingness of local clubs to make the effort. Club leaders need to take the lead and utilize resources such as those offered by Central States. Individual club members need to request their officers to provide numismatic education at every meeting. There is no substitute for quality educational programs whereby everyone benefits. Numismatic knowledge is well worth the investment.

For more information about any of our CSNS education programs, email me at sunrayofmarion@aol.com

Ray Lockwood
Education Director