75th Anniversary Convention Medal

Education Director Column

Summer 2014

Looking for a real numismatic bargain? Here's a really good one just for you! Attend a Central States Numismatic Seminar. They are held twice per year, generally in the spring and fall. In 2014, the sequence of seminars was a bit different. They were held in February and May to accommodate our friends in Troy, MI; Windsor, Ontario and Hillside, IL. So what's the bargain ??

For only $10, a CSNS member can attend an all-day seminar, including breakfast and lunch, and interact with some of the leading speakers in our hobby. Not a CSNS member? Not to worry, since $20 will get you in the door and even pay for a one-year CSNS membership, if desired.

Let's take a close-up look at the just completed seminar in Hillside, Illinois. The Hillside Coin Club contacted me about the possibility of conducting a seminar in their vicinity. After an affirmative answer, the planning began. First, the Hillside club was asked to suggest a location, date, speakers and topics. Second, the selected speakers were contacted to check availability and suitable topics. Third, the hotel location was contacted to determine rooms for the speakers, a room for the seminar and meal service. Finally, the Hillside club was kept in the loop at all stages of planning.

Cindy Wibker of Florida and FUN was invited to speak on the topic of exonumia. Peter Huntoon of Boulder City, NV., was asked to talk about Illinois national bank notes. Norm Bowers from St. Louis was contacted regarding his expertise on Civil War tokens. Finally, Georgia's Bill Fivaz was a popular choice to give his talk on grading Buffalo nickels and Mercury dimes. Travel arrangements were made with each speaker and lodging at the Hillside Best Western Plus was confirmed.

All four speakers had audio-visual needs, and some wanted showcases. Imagers for PowerPoint presentations, a Kodak Carousel projector and a movie screen were lined up for speaker use. Speaker handouts were prepared for distribution along with a comprehensive list of seminar attendees. Chairs and tables were provided by the hotel and all was in readiness for the 33 numismatists who attended the seminar.

I seriously doubt that any other numismatic organization could or would put on such a seminar and charge such a minimal fee. The plain and simple matter of fact is that CSNS numismatic seminars are not designed to make money for CSNS. Quite the opposite is true. CSNS tries to attract attendees by keeping the cost low and quality high. Ask anyone who has attended one of our seminars and you will hear nothing but positives.

CSNS seminars began in 2006 and have continued non-stop for the past eight years. A sneak preview of our 2015 seminars reveals a May seminar in Nebraska at a state park and another in September at the Wyndham Airport Hotel in Indianapolis. Both seminars will be co-sponsored by a group of coin clubs from surrounding locations in Nebraska and Indiana. Publicity will be focused on the participating clubs as will planning and selection of topics and speakers.

Look no farther than Nebraska and Indiana for numismatic bargains in 2015 and stay tuned for seminar details in The Centinel and our CSNS website: www.centralstates.info. Hope to see you at one or both seminars next year!

Ray Lockwood
Education Director