Fran Lockwood and the Exhibit Area Booth

You are invited . . .

Ten Top Reasons to Exhibit in Schaumburg in 2013!!

  1. Chicago loves coins and coin collectors, especially in Late April!
  2. The Central States convention is a friendly place to exhibit coins!
  3. The top three winners in eight exhibit classes win U.S. gold eagles!
  4. All exhibitors receive a great free breakfast on Saturday morning!
  5. All exhibitors receive an exclusive Central States silver logo round!
  6. The Central States exhibit judges are well qualified and often exhibit!
  7. Four special awards are given at the great Saturday awards breakfast!
  8. The top three winners in each class get their names in The Centinel!
  9. The top three winners in each class get their photos on the CSNS website
  10. The Central States exhibit chairperson gives great hugs to all winners!

Exhibit Application

All collectors are invited to exhibit coins, tokens, medals, paper money and other numismatic material at the 74th Anniversary Convention of the Central States Numismatic Society (CSNS), in Rosemont.

Exhibits in nine (9) categories will be competing for U.S. gold eagles. Exhibit applications are due by April 15, 2013. Applications received on or before March 3rd will be eligible for a drawing to win a U.S. ΒΌ oz. gold eagle.

All exhibitors will receive a limited edition silver CSNS logo medal and a free Saturday awards breakfast ticket.

Four special awards will be presented at the awards breakfast:

  1. Best-of-Show: a one-ounce U.S. gold eagle housed in a deluxe Capital Plastics holder. The award named in honor of Florence Schook, long-time CSNS officer and mentor to hundreds of young collectors.
  2. Best Exhibit by a First-time Exhibitor: an uncirculated 1935 Swiss 20-france gold coin and certificate, forever named in memory of Joseph and Morton Stack, pioneer New York City coin dealers.
  3. Most Educational Exhibit: an uncirculated 1/10 oz. U.S. gold eagle and certificate, forever named in memory of John Jay Pittman, famous collector and exhibitor from Rochester, NY.
  4. The Peoples' Choice Award: selected by visitors to the CSNS exhibit area; a 2013 U.S. proof set housed in a specially designed frame.

Please consider exhibiting your coins and/or other numismatic items at our 74st anniversary convention. Check our website: for additional information, or contact our exhibit chairperson, Fran Lockwood, at 765-664-6520 or email her at: