Bruce Perdue

President's Message

Fall - 2015

Central States consists of members from 13 Midwestern states. Our Anniversary Convention has been held for the last several years in Schaumburg, IL, at the Renaissance Center. Schaumburg is a great venue for the convention. The dealers like it since it draws from the entire Chicago metropolitan area. It has free parking and easy access. The convention is set for the next two years and we are exploring continuing to hold the convention there for several more years.

Twenty years ago, CSNS held the Anniversary Convention and worked with state clubs to hold a joint Fall Show. The Fall Show was discontinued a number of years ago, for reason not pertinent to this discussion. Currently CSNS serves most directly the Great Lakes states. As president, I am concerned that we are not servicing the other states in the 13-state area and the collector base in the best ways we can.

Our educational director has many programs that do offer opportunities for all members and member clubs to benefit from their CSNS membership. The library book, educational video and speakers programs are a few of the great benefits that CSNS offers. In conjunction with local clubs, we offer two seminars yearly that have excellent numismatic speakers. These seminars are inexpensive to attend and provide an opportunity to meet with fellow collectors and learn something new at the same time. Our Anniversary Convention offers many opportunities to learn and meet other numismatists and collectors.

I'd like to see the state clubs invite CSNS to attend their shows/conventions and have CSNS provide educational programs that augment club shows. Perhaps individual presentations similar to the ones CSNS does for our convention? Perhaps a full daylong seminar or an abbreviated half-day seminar. How can CSNS reach out to the clubs in Kansas, Nebraska and the Dakotas? What can we do for Iowa, Missouri and Kentucky? The financial health of the society dictates that we keep our anniversary convention in Chicago. What new programs can CSNS offer the membership outside the Great Lakes states?

We put on a great convention, and if you have not attended I recommend you come next spring. If you have not been to one of the seminars, there is one coming up Nov. 22 in Rosemont in conjunction with the National Coin and Currency Show. Please feel free to let me know how CSNS can continue its 76 years of service to the numismatic community in our 13 states.

Finally the election of new officers and board members is coming in January. If you would like to serve on the board or know someone who you would like to see on the board of CSNS, please nominate them.