Bruce Perdue

President's Message

Summer 2014

The 75th Anniversary Convention has come and gone. A new Board of Governors has been installed, and the snow has finally stopped falling. I would like to take this moment to thank those governors who no longer are members of the CSNS Board of Governors for their hard work on behalf of the Central States Numismatic Society; thank you Greg Allen, Don Young, and Don Charters. I would like to welcome to the Board Chris Seuntjens, Francis Hawks, Larry Schneider and Brett Irick. Welcome aboard and may your expertise and numismatic knowledge be an asset to the Society in the coming years.

If you had an opportunity to come to the 75th Anniversary Convention then you know what a successful event it was. Dennis Boggs as Abe Lincoln was a hit as always. The "Spider Press" proved to be equally successful. The event was well attended, and I heard nothing but positive comments about the show. I would like to thank Kevin Foley, Patricia Foley and the show staff for all of their tireless work selling tables, setting up the show and making the 75th Anniversary Convention a success. I leave it to Kevin Foley to give you a full report on the convention.

The exhibits area was a testament to Fran Lockwood and her team of exhibitors and judges. It was outstanding, as always. Fran, as you know, has been the exhibit chair for 17 years. This was her last year as CSNS exhibit chair. Her hard work, advice and hugs will be missed by all! At the awards breakfast Fran received an award from FUN for her years of service to them managing their exhibit area. Thanks, Fran. We appreciate you hard work and you will be missed!

I am interested in hearing from the membership what they would like added to the convention or what educational activities we can sponsor during the year. You may email me at with any ideas or comments.

I look forward to leading the Central States Numismatic Society into its next 75 years of numismatic excellence. I will still continue to act as webmaster for the Society, but will not for the moment write a webmaster/technology column. I will slip some website/technology information into my regular presidents column when I feel there is something worthwhile to pass on.

I believe one of the best ways to further the growth of CSNS is by continually growing and expanding our knowledge base. I was able to participate in an educational seminar this past week in Hillside, IL. While at that conference, I was fortunate enough to learn from experts such as Bill Fivaz, Cindy Wibker, Norm Bowers and Peter Huntoon. It was an enjoyable day filled with many learning opportunities and lots of numismatic conversation. The exchange of ideas and knowledge was reminiscent of an ANA Summer Seminar.

As your new president I will continue to drive the educational mission of Central States. I am investigating adding an exhibitor class to next year's convention so that those who have never exhibited will have some advice to follow when entering their first exhibit in a show. I am also hoping to add an exhibit judge class as well, as Exhibit Judges are always in demand. At this time I will dedicate my attention to successfully fulfilling my duties as president of CSNS. One of my duties is to help ensure that our club and members are aware of the many opportunities to become more actively involved in the numismatic world. There are many seminars and local clubs that you can attend and join and publications you can read to learn more about different numismatic areas. In conclusion, I hope you find many avenues to pursue your numismatic passion and have fun enjoying our exciting and interesting hobby!