Bruce Perdue

President's Message

Winter - 2015

Since I have been president I have not written anything about the Web. I thought that I would take this opportunity to make a few observations.

First, I want to recognize and thank John Nebel, who vary graciously hosts our website and has for over 10 years. He hosts, for free, any not-for-profit, numismatic website. He does this as a contribution to the numismatic community, for which he receives little recognition. John has worked with the Numismatic Bibliomania Society, where I am also webmaster, providing scripts and a large amount of space. So, "Thanks, John!"

Our website now has a new Show Calendar feature which displays an actual calendar with the shows noted on the appropriate dates. A "pop up" window displays the detail information on the show as you click on the show listing. I have to give credit to the Illinois Numismatic Association, where I am also webmaster, although I do very little actual coding. Their website has this calendar on it to display shows that are submitted to ILNA. The actual calendar is hosted and provided by our friends at Google. When I saw this calendar on the ILNA site I looked into how it was done and then set the same thing up for CSNS. So take a moment to look at the new calendar and let me know how it looks to you.

The 76th Anniversary Convention is coming along nicely. The final Civil War Forum takes place this year at the convention. I look forward to seeing what Education Director Ray Lockwood and Convention Chairman Kevin Foley have in mind for the 77th Anniversary Convention. Bourse Chair Patricia Foley has been busy selling out the bourse floor and ensuring that we meet our hotel room commitment. When we contract for floor space at the convention center in Schaumburg, or any city for that matter, the number of hotel rooms that you fill is a major factor. So Patricia's and Kevin's efforts in that direction are very important to the success of the convention, as if we do not fill the correct number of rooms then CSNS pays a penalty. That being said, please book your room at the convention center hotel and stay there as it help CSNS be profitable.

Without the profit from the convention, CSNS cannot continue to provide the services we currently do. We spend $20,000 a year funding book grants for authors who might otherwise not get published. We fund two ANA Summer Seminar scholarships, free DVDs for clubs, two educational seminars yearly and a library book project that provides up to $500 annually to clubs to fund the purchase of books for libraries in their area. So help CSNS stay in the black and stay at the convention hotel.

How do you feel about the services provided by CSNS? Are we meeting the needs of our membership? Do you have numismatic needs that CSNS can help with? As a Society we are here to support each other in pursuit of a common interest. Are we meeting your needs and your clubs needs? Let us know. While we hold a general meeting at the convention each year, we don't get as much feedback as we'd like on how we are doing. Please feel free to email me with suggestions and comments. My email is