From the Secretary - Patricia Foley

Fall - 2015

Something important is coming up in the affairs on the Central States Numismatic Society, our biennial election of officers. Our elected officials serve terms of two years, and a new slate of officials will be installed at our 77th Anniversary Convention Awards and Installation Breakfast on Saturday, April 30, 2016, at the Schaumburg convention center.

Whether you are a current official or would like to be one, as long as you are a member in good standing, you are eligible to seek office. The sole exception with an additional qualification is the office of president, for which candidates are required to have previous service as an elected official on the CSNS Board.

If you'll visit our website,, you'll be able to access the Constitution and Bylaws, which give more complete information about the election process. Up for election will be ten governors, president and vice president. The basic duties of the governors are defined as "to serve upon such committees as he shall be appointed to by the incumbent President" and "to cast votes upon the several matters presented to the Board for action."

Board members are required to attend in person the two Board meetings, one held in conjunction with our Anniversary Convention each April and the other typically in September or October at a time and place at the discretion of the president. Board members missing two consecutive board meetings without being excused by the president are considered to have vacated their office. In addition, from time to time during the year, the Board may conduct telephone conference-call meetings.

In addition, the Convention Manual has established a Board sponsorship project that all the elected officials are expected to participate in. In the world of nonprofit organizations fundraising is an especially important responsibility for Board members. CSNS maintains an ambitious program of educational projects - our club DVD program, the club speaker subsidy program, the club library-donation subsidy program, the authors grant program and the traveling seminar program, as well as our educational exhibit area itself at the Anniversary Conventions.

All of these educational initiatives, by their very nature, operate at a deficit. The Board sponsorship project is designed to raise funds to enable these programs to continue and be expanded. Participating as a fundraiser to support these projects is one of the most important and constructive responsibilities and contributions to CSNS that any elected official can make.

Nominations may be made beginning at 12:00:01 a.m. on Oct. 1. A member may nominate himself/herself and also accept the nomination at the same time. All nominations must be accepted and the acceptance in the hands of the secretary no later than Nov. 15. "In the hands of the Secretary" means just that, not postmarked by, not in the mail to, but actually delivered and received by the secretary by Nov. 15.

All candidates may also compose a not-to-exceed-200-word biographical/campaign statement for publication in The Centinel. Please observe that length limitation. In fairness to all the candidates, it will be enforced. Like the acceptance of a nomination, the candidate's statement must actually be in the hands of the secretary by Nov. 15. Also in fairness to all the candidates, late acceptances and/or statements will not be accepted, so please do not procrastinate. Acceptances and statements may be emailed to the secretary at or sent via the U.S. Mail to: Patricia Foley - Secretary, Central States Numismatic Society, P.O. Box 210710, Milwaukee, WI 53221. Faxes should be sent to 414-747-9490. In order to avoid possible late deliveries, those using the U.S. Mail are encouraged to use Express Mail. Please do not send correspondence via FEDEX or UPS, as these carriers cannot deliver to post office boxes.

Our biennial election is always an occasion for some excitement and more than just a little suspense. If you want to be of service to the numismatic community and are willing to roll your sleeves up and do the considerable amount of work inherent in the fundraising aspects of Board member responsibilities, being a Board member can be a source of considerable satisfaction.

Please do me a favor. If you move, do send me a notification of your new address. Because of the special rate at which The Centinel is mailed, we are required to pay a fee to the post office for all copies that are returned to us. Collectively this amounts to a sum that could be better spent for other purposes, so do send me information about your new address when you move. This will also ensure uninterrupted delivery of The Centinel, a journal that Editor Gerry Tebben seems to make better and better with each and every issue. I certainly look forward to receiving each issue.

Making sure that the secretary has a current address from you will also ensure that you receive your election ballot in a timely fashion. One thing that has always surprised me about the CSNS elections is the low participation rate. Typically 25 percent to 30 percent of the eligible members actually return a ballot. There have been any number of past elections where the vote difference between the least successful of the winning governor candidates and the top vote getter of those who were unsuccessful was less than 10 votes. It really shouldn't be all that much trouble to contribute to the future of the organization by voting in the election. I hope that you'll all do just that so that the outcome really actually represents the opinions and preferences of the membership.

I'll look forward to seeing many of you at our 77th Anniversary Convention next April. A considerable cost and effort goes into the production of the convention. If you've been before, I hope you'll be returning. If not, I hope that you'll be open to the new experience of the social and educational opportunities, as well as the considerable commercial resources presented by our 300-booth bourse area.

See you there!

Patricia Foley - Secretary
Central States Numismatic Society
P.O. Box 210710
Milwaukee, WI 53221