From the Secretary - Jerry Lebo

Winter - 2015

Short and sweet as I head toward the end of my tenure as secretary.

Dues notices have been mailed for 2015. Please note the CSNS board has raised dues, so please pay attention to the notice you received in the mail. Members who have paid several years in advance are not being reassessed the difference.

As is always the case, second notices will be mailed to members who did not respond the first notice. The second notice is also the final notice. Individuals who do not renew their membership will be dropped from the roster come spring.

Incidentally, the second dues notice will come from Patricia Foley, who replaces me as secretary on April 1.

You're probably aware of the fact that three governors resigned from the board. Those vacancies were not filled. As I understand it, the current board will consider proposing a reduction from 13 to 10 the number of voting board members. Such a proposal would have to be approved in a referendum of the entire membership.

Jerry Lebo