From the Secretary - Jerry Lebo

Spring - 2014

By the time this reaches you nearly 2,240 election ballots will have been mailed to adult members in good standing. YNs do not vote. Neither do individuals whose membership applications are pending, usually until mid-April - after this issue of The Centinel has been published and a 30-day waiting period has passed.

The ballots will be counted a week or so prior to the Anniversary Convention in late April. Be sure to read the instructions printed on the ballot, such as only one ballot per returned envelope, etc.

As an aside, areas of the Midwest were buried by a snow storm Feb. 3 and 4. A few days earlier, I had scheduled a pickup of the ballots by the Postal Service, not aware that this storm would hit on that Wednesday. Still, the Postal Service delivered, so to speak. The carrier waded through eight inches of snow in my driveway to pick up eight trays of envelopes. He had to make four trips, carrying two trays each time to his double-parked truck along my High Street road. I felt rather bad, but the carrier was a macho guy, saying it was his job to do.

We note the death of book dealer John Burns during this year's FUN show in Florida. CSNS is looking at ways to remember John.

This issue of The Centinel contains our annual recognition of long-time CSNS members, beginning with 20 years of membership. These are published in increments of five years, so, for example, if you joined 24 years ago, your name will be included in next year's list of 25-year members.

It looks like our anniversary convention during late April will have another sold-out bourse of more than 250 dealer booths. Congratulations to General Chairman Kevin Foley and Bourse Chair Patricia Foley for their dedicated work to effect this result.

We also expect another outstanding exhibit area thanks to the work of Exhibit Chair Fran Lockwood, assisted by hubby Ray, who continues his stellar work as CSNS education director.

Also kudos to Jim Moores, who is completing his two-year term as CSNS president. Jim will be succeeded as president by Bruce Perdue, who is unopposed on the biennial ballot for that lofty office.

Jerry Lebo