From the Secretary - Jerry Lebo

Summer - 2014

Another CSNS convention is now history, and from all indications it was a success - in fact an historic success. This was the organization's 75th anniversary event commemorated with special items.

Among them was a dedicated "Red Book," of which 500 copies were made. They were given mostly to dignitaries, such as board members and exhibitors. One copy went to each tabled dealer, and some were left over for sale at $15 each. All are gone.

We had a history of CSNS in both soft and hard covers written by Education Director Ray Lockwood. There were also special encased coin sets dated 1939 - the year CSNS was founded.

Ray's wife, Fran Lockwood, was singled out for her years of service as exhibit chair. Fran built the CSNS exhibit area into what many consider the finest in numismatics. The plan is for Jack Huggins to succeed her at next year's convention.

We could single out others for their work on behalf of Central States, but I probably would omit somebody by accident. I do want to cite General Chairman Kevin Foley and Bourse Chairman Patricia Foley for their fine efforts despite being sick with the flu for most of the event.

Patricia replaced me a year ago as bourse chair and will succeed me next year as secretary. This is my swan song after 21 years on the job.

The CSNS board has approved dues increases for the various membership categories, including $15 a year for regular members instead of $10. These go into effect next Jan. 1.

Please, please, please let us know if you move. It costs CSNS money if the Postal Service has to notify us of address changes. We spend about $100 year for this service. We do publish names of "lost" members when we lack a current address. Thanks to Rich Hartzog, Bob Steinberg, Chris Sutter and Patricia Foley for help in finding some of these "lost" members.

We'll be looking for applications for scholarships to the 2015 ANA Summer Seminar. The application appears on Page 56. Keep in mind you are not eligible if you've received a scholarship from CSNS in the past.

This could be your last issue of The Centinel if your dues are not paid. We'll be purging nearly 200 such members June 1.

Jerry Lebo