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This page is dedicated to the YN's (Young Numismatists) who belong to CSNS or are just collectors looking for youth oriented coin collecting information. I'd like to thank Kellen who contributed to the start up of this page and is a dedicated coin collector. If you are 18 or younger and would like to contribute to this page please contact me through the CSNS Webmaster link at the bottom of the page. I am looking for ideas, coin oriented games for YN's and anything that YN's might find interesting.

What does Central States offer YN's?

  • Central States offers YN activities including free coins during our Anniversary Convention - read more >> Here
  • Every Summer we offer a scholarship to the ANA Summer Seminar - read more >> Here
  • The Centinel Editor Gery Tebben is always looking for articles written by YN's - read more >> Here
  • The CSNS Links page offers a large amount of resources - >> Numismatic Links

YN Exhibiting

The Anniversary Convention for 2017 is fast approaching. One of the benefits that YN's enjoy is the opportunity to exhibit their collections in a competitive environment at the CSNS Show. Exhibiting is one way to get involved with numismatic community and to connect with like minded collectors. Frequently this benefit of the YN membership is overlooked by our YN's. See Exhibit Information >> Here <<   and the Exhibit Rules >> Here  << for more information. The Exhibit Application can be downloaded as a pdf file for submission to Jack Huggins the Exhibit Chairman.

Additional YN Resources

This page is a work in progress and any and all suggestions are appreciated.


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two dollar education note

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